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Chairman's Foreword

"The speed of change in the economic, competitive and technological landscape is relentless. The business dynamics of today’s semiconductor industry, for example, is characterized by more agile manufacturing, shorter product life cycles, faster turnaround times and quicker time-to-market response to customer demands. There is also a push to deliver enabling technologies for semiconductor manufacturers needing to continually decrease the dimensions of their devices while increasing performance and yields. This drive to improve productivity and reduce costs has created new rules for competition.

MIT’s cutting edge has always been in working closely with our customers, enabling them to increase their manufacturing performance significantly with products that are designed to achieve higher speed and throughput, greater accuracy, repeatability and reliability. We have furthermore focussed on new products to offer innovative solutions to more complex semiconductor applications that we hope will also open up new exciting possibilities in IC device manufacturing. We have furthermore expanded our business portfolio by leveraing on our current capabilities to enter into the fast-growing renewable energy market.

Besides being an OEM of our proprietary "MIT" brand of semiconductor and solar equipment, MIT has also successfully positioned itself as a contract equipment manufacturer for global MNCs, and as a leading manufacturer of precision machining parts that also underpins our core business.

This balanced strategy is aimed at providing customers with a total solution to their manufacturing and engineering needs while ensuring a sustainable longer term growth for the Group.

Today, the MIT Group is characterised by a strong level of synergy, both vertically across its product lines and horizontally across global markets.

I am optimistic of the growth prospects for the Group as we continue to pursue our goals and ideals not only for ourselves and our customers but also for our shareholders. This sense of ComMITment to our stakeholders will remain the unifying fabric of our culture which we have passionately threaded over the years and one that we believe will bring us even closer to realizing our vision.

I welcome you to our website which we hope will provide useful information on our Group’s activities as we look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you as your Business Partner in more ways than one."

By Tony Kwong,
Chairman and CEO


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